…More Than Sweet Potatoes

Top Ten Favorite Twitter Tweets – Read and/or Written

10. @deborahilene “What I call “personal style” some might call “hot mess.”
9. @bazecraze “Jimmy Dean, dead at 81. Jimmy Dean customers, dead at 58.”
8. @ErnestWilkins “RT @TVWithoutPity Cheer up, Canada. You still have your second greatest invention: Degrassi (basically)”
7. @MsJxn “I said bang bang bangity bang a-bang bang bangity bang.”
6. @reneebortoli “@deborahilene šŸ™‚ I hope this soulless emoticon fixes everything”
5. @Joey_Rozmus “Let’s go to Moe with the results, MOE!”
4. @TFLN “(401): renamed my iPod ‘the titanic’ so when I plug it in it says ‘the titanic is syncing'”
3. @BoiledSports “I just became the mayor of your sister’s bedroom #foursquare #highfive”
2. @KevinFerrell11 “Haha. “Lebron may be headed south, but is mom is still riding west.””
1. @Wikifacts “You can prevent crying while peeling onions by chewing gum. You can prevent crying in other situations but not being such a little bitch.”


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