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Top Ten Random Things On My Desk at Work

So I haven’t written anything in a while, so this will be my first good one about work. The following is a list of the top 10 most uncommon items that live on my desk at work. Some seem normal enough, but I will explain why this is not the case. Enjoy!

10. Almonds. Almonds on their own aren’t so much exciting or weird, but they are wasabi soy flavored almonds. Christa had them once and I tried them and enjoyed them. So now they are sitting on my desk waiting to be eaten.

9. Appreciation Dollar/Cut head-band. The dollar is the result of a sales contest where we got to pull money from a bowl if we made a sale over $500. I did and I got a WHOLE DOLLAR. I feel appreciated. The cut headband is because they typically cut the tie of the newbie when they get their first sale, but I don’t wear a tie, so they cut my headband.

8. Banana Dance. I recently was exposed to Banana Phone (by Raffi) and then found out one of my co-workers has a knack for making flip books. So this is my flip book of a banana dancing…I call it Banana Dance. It makes me smile when I’m unhappy or stressed.

7. Bobble Head Dolls. I have NO idea how I acquired these. At some point, two different bobble head dolls were given to me and now live on my desk just next to my monitor. At one point they lived on the ledge above my cube, but on cleaning day (when the owners were doing a walk through) I was told to keep them off the ledge…so they have their new home on my desk.

6. Coffee Mug. Currently this is FILLED with green tea. I am sick right now so this thing has been a staple on my desk. Hot water, green tea bag, that is it. No honey or sweetener…just hot tea. Hopefully it’ll hydrate me enough to fix what is making me sick.

5. Thin Mints. If you know me at all, you know I am not big on dessert foods. If you know be better, you know that I do not like chocolate very much. Ergo, it is weird that there are two boxes of Thin Mints on my desk. One is a present. The other is for me and the rest of the sales staff. I have limited myself to one cookie a day. It’s a good thing I majored in self-control.

4. Cough Medicine. I am sick. I’ve already mentioned this. So I am taking cough medicine. I was all excited because Vick’s makes a custome care line, but it isn’t working very well. Probably should have gone with the tuss. Chris Rock would probably agree.

3. Post Its. Michelle and I invented them. I know it’s totally normal to have post-its on your desk, but I have 5 full pads of post-its awaiting usage. I also have recently torn through 3 pads already. I’m a post-it fiend. Post-It’s are like, my favorite office supply. AND PENS. I love fun pens.

2. Tickets. This is obvious because I sell tickets, I know. But those are tickets to Jimmy Buffett and they are for one of my clients who will not be receiving his tickets until he calls me back. I guess in my profession it isn’t weird to have tickets on my desk, but I am guessing it would be weird if YOU had tickets on YOUR desk.

1. Two Ties. I’m a girl. What do I need ties for? More than this, why do I have a Tommy Bahama tie and a tie with wolves reading books on it?? Because they were an “incentive” for making sales and I refuse to not collect on my prizes just because I am the lone female in our inside sales team.

One comment on “Top Ten Random Things On My Desk at Work

  1. Katherine
    February 19, 2010

    i'm a fan of the wolf tie and i don't think i understand anyone who doesn't love post its….they're fantastic.


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