…More Than Sweet Potatoes

Multiple Top Ten Lists = Multiple Happy Readers

Top Ten Things That Rock About Living in Florida
10. There’s an ACTUAL beach 20 minutes away from me. Provided, I still love Chicago’s beaches, these ones are a little more “beachy.”
9. Very few people here are actually from Florida. In that sense, it’s a lot like Chicago. It’s fun to chit chat with people about where they’re from and what brought them to SoFla
8. The fact that people call it SoFla (or at least a few people I know do) is so fun. It’s way better than “chi-town” which, by all accounts, should stop RIGHT NOW
7. I don’t know enough people here to have any REAL drama going on in my life. This is amazing, by the way
6. HELLO hot guys!
5. I have a job that I get paid for doing. This should probably be reason numero uno
4. I have a really kick ass roommate named Katy. Although, I miss my old roommates (i.e. the parents.)
3. It’s ALWAYS pretty here. I live on the 3rd floor, so I don’t mind leaving my blinds open over night – because no one can peek in, which is a fear of mine usually – and then the sun wakes me up in the morning. Even when it rains, it’s still pretty
2. There is a cold front coming through right now and it’s colder than normal at this time of year. This means its 50-70 degrees and I am happy as a pig in mud!
1. I have a FULL TIME JOB THAT I AM GETTING PAID FOR DOING. 🙂 I told you this should be numero uno

Top Ten Things I Miss About Living in Chicago
10. Michigan Avenue in the Winter time
9. Driving down LSD and seeing the huge buildings on one side and the gorgeous lake on the other
8. Random adventures downtown with Erin
7. The people. Not friends and family – they are higher up on the list – but the people who are nice no matter what. The people who gladly let you come into their lane…the people who let you get in line ahead of them because you have one item and they have a billion… people are MUCH nicer in the midwest
6. Nick, my personal banker. He was awesome and I wish I was still with the bank/working with him. I dislike Bank of America, but have very little choice in the matter
5. 24 years of building up friendships and relationships. It made it very easy for me to randomly go out at any time. There was always someone around to hang out with
4. Winter clothing
3. My old roommates – my parents
2. Oh hell, my whole family
1. Ok, fine. All my friends and family. That’s easily what I miss the most

Top Ten Things That I Plan To Do While Working on a Saturday
10. Blog
9. Answer the phones
8. Tell people on the phones that our internal holds for Andrea Bocelli are sold out and you have to get tickets through our box office (which opens at noon and you have to physically go to) or through TicketMaster
7. Call the six people I scheduled myself to call today
6. Be cold. It’s always so damn cold in the offices. Obviously I work in an ice arena, but seriously?!
5. Stalk people on facebook via my phone since facebook is blocked on my work computer
4. Online shop
3. Tweet
2. Plan the rest of my Saturday
1. Day dream


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